Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Knock, Knock. Come in, Fall!

Fall is upon us! 7 days away to be exact. I just love this season. Living in Southern California, we may not always get the full Autumn experience as far as weather is concerned, but I get excited for it nonetheless! On the days we are fortunate to have it, I enjoy the crisp, cool weather. I indulge in this season in every way. It's the time to pull out the sweaters, boots, scarves & accessories! It's a time when the new school year is fresh and exciting. Meals get "holiday inspired" around here and a cozy, warm atmosphere occupies our home.

I must admit, I am a bit overly eager for each upcoming holiday. I like to find ways to dress the house by sprinkling festive touches throughout. (I make sure to try not to overdue it either. If it's one thing I really try to avoid, its obviously themed decorating.) The other day I thought I'd dress the table and created a festive lil piece before the kids got home from school. Their surprisingly large reactions to it as well as big smiles warmed my heart.

I think it turned out pretty cute considering it was very simple and easy to create. I made this with things I already had around the house. I used a large glass jar, scrap ribbon, some artificial flowers that I had left over from a previous project, and dry fettuccine. I bunched together some flowers to make a simple arrangement that gave the appearance of a "hand picked" bouquet. Next, I used the fettuccine noodles to mask the flower stems by placing in the jar and letting them fall around the bouquet stems. Then I wrapped some orange ribbon around the rim to finish it off.

I believe that a home is not only a place to live and grow, but a place to inspire our family. I hope you too get inspired to find ways to infuse your home with warmth. Happy decorating!

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