Friday, October 1, 2010

School Picture Day Preview

The kid's came home with a familiar blue and white paper. It is one that I have seen too frequently over the last few years. A school picture order form. 

I've ordered the traditional school pictures every year. (Sometimes twice a year!) Of course... how can I NOT buy every school picture of my growing babies! No brainer, right proud Mommys? 

Well after considering the bland, studio-background, stiff posed picture packages that I have sitting in the back of file cabinets and under mounds of un-filed papers in cluttered drawers....I decided it was time to switch it up this year. 

With cooperation from the kids, we decided to pass on school portraits and decided to have a fun, humble, personal, lil' photoshoot of our own. We used a local library as our location. The kids ended up having lots of fun and it turned out to be a memorable experience for all of us. 

Here is a sneak peek for now, however, this one is my favorite of all of them!


minerva said...

Awesome!!! I loved that you used the library. Libraries are so needed in all communities. Your kids are beautiful.

Curly Heir said...

Thanks! Actually, we hadnt been there in too long. I dont think Jeremiah had ever been! *gasp* After our trip, we decided to make it a regular visit on minimum days.

Robin said...

Great blog and your kids are gorgeous! Also nice to find another blogger who is a Believer!

aLeKi said...