Friday, September 17, 2010

Peachy Keen Friday!


I don't spend my days in the "work place" but the weekends are just as exciting to me as most of you all.

Today I am very grateful for the noticeably increasing peace of God on and in my life. By this do I mean that I am a perfectly calm, cool, collected person, and all is peachy keen up in my world?.... NO! By all means, NO! However, what I have noticed is the change in response. When I am in mid flip out mode-- grunts, groans, and all-- I am able to pull it back by simply stopping and remembering that all I have to do is cast all my cares on Him, for he really does care for me!

For any of you who have known me... big difference! :)

Just think... God is the same yesterday, today, and forever! He is the same who conquered the grave. He is alive today. Alive in me. So if he can conquer death... I'm sure he can conquer attitudes, rage, and running high emotions. And in me... it would take that same grave conquering power, but it will be conquered. :)

That's why God calls us "more than conquerors". A conqueror battles and then defeats. In Jesus, all I need to do is walk in my victory cuz its already laid out. Done! Isn't living in Him awesome?!

I wish you all a happy, care-free Friday! If it's not thus far, then get to speaking truth in your life and move on in peace :)

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