Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's the thought that counts... and he really does make it count!

I love my dad! We are a lot alike in many ways & have bumped heads over it plenty of times. However, we have a very special relationship. I appreciate him so very much! He is like no other, that is for sure. My dad, of this married, twenty five year old, mom of three: texts, is a self proclaimed "young lookin' grandpa" (and has made sure to make that statement public plenty of times), still likes to buy me things, and always gives very detailed advice.
For example, this morning he texted me that he wanted to buy me an outfit for an upcoming occasion & has been texting me updated advice ever since. Like what you wonder? 
Well, specifically: weather predictions for that date; several suggested shopping itineraries ; and even logistics plans ensuring that I get myself around to doing it.
You know that saying, "It's the thought that counts?" Well his picture is posted right next to it's definition. If it's one thing he is always doing, it is thinking, that's for sure! 
A detail oriented, thoughtful, giving, big-hearted man.... that's my dad! :)

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Bee Lopz said...

Awww you are so lucky.. that just melted my heart.. !