Monday, October 4, 2010

New pet, Veggie phone, studs, & other random weekend things

I had another ordinary weekend by my standards. And by that I mean another full weekend of all kinds of random things going on, but fun!

First, I rearranged the girls' room just a tad... cleaned and organized the closet that was in much need of a lil TLC. I always enjoy a good furniture moving session! Get's the blood pumping, boosts energy, inspires me in more ways than one, and I always feel great afterward. I feel lighter, refreshed, accomplished, and the bonus is the "new" feeling I ( as well as my family) get from the space. Most inexpensive design tip ever! I think it may very well be one of my favorite pass times. ;)

Meanwhile, Husband prepared for a catering job for a family party the following day. That's always interesting. Loaded fridge, overflowing ingredients on counters, symphony of kitchen appliances running & husband conducting it all. The girls spent the evening at grandma's so that was nice for them, as well as us :) We even got to squeeze in a nice evening with a few of my favorite cool people aka some church family. Enjoyed the good ol' Lopez home hosting special: food+ movies+ conversation+ laughs+ a mini creative session.

First thing Saturday morning it was full motion, plan in action. Receiving & processing kids for showers, dress, & hair (*side note: in this family hair takes a lot of product & a lot of time, yikes!) Then shipping the babes back out... but this time, with the always appreciated, always helpful "team players", Tata & Aunty Jai. Chef boy-r-d and I packed up and headed out to set up (with a "gently" used home left behind, as always). Incidentally, on the way to the party I suddenly started feeling horrible. I spoke some Words over myself, hung in there as much as I could for as long as I could, drank lots of cold water, and then sneaked away for a lil' snooze while I waited for my body to get the memo, that the ugly headache and nausea were under eviction. (And that was the end of that!)  Soooo grateful it all went down at a family party vs. a clients, phew! Totally recuperated after a bit, just in time for the start of the party & the arrival of my kids.

People started flowing, food dishing out, and I was the side-task-handler for husband. Phone went right into the back pocket without much thought. To make a long story short, I ended up going home with a new lil pet. My phone jumped out of my back pocket and decided to go for a lil dive! With far stretched hopes, I dried it and buried it in uncooked rice (crazy, but it has worked before to remove all water damage) and I would later leave with it in a bowl :/ Yea, I know... Boo!

It was a Disney Princess birthday party. Everything was so cute, sweet, and it was an overall extremely nice, enjoyable party for the lil princess guests as well as adults! The weather wasn't too bad, and the food was dee-licious, naturally (I'm biased but it's true! Other people said so). There were thee most unique centerpieces that were handmade by a family friend (Whom wants to remain anonymous, but I think she should offer her talent). Got my diy craft meter boosted! The princess attendees got the royal treatment with very special themed gifts & treats. My Aunt said she got everything from And the adults even got their own candy bag! :)
Bottom line: the kids left fully loaded + pooped out= Thankful Mom

Sunday was church and it was great! I left spiritually full, refreshed, & revamped, as always. Meeks headed home solo with aunty to Grandparents' home as she likes to do frequently so she can see what goodies she can score for herself. So our smaller brood had a little Sunday lunch. Just husband, baby, Lesseya, & I... in which a random conversation led to a trip to the mall where Lesseya....... got her ears pierced. Gasp, I know! She talked the talk, so Husband and I decided to see if she was as brave as she claimed. It was less of a big deal than I would of expected it to be, and was more of what will be a noted "special one on one time" for her with us [the parentals]. Out of the whole experience, we gained an opportunity for some deep, important life conversations, believe it or not. We got to introduce the "all things in moderation" concept, explained our expectations of her as a growing young lady, emphasized the responsibility aspect that comes with any new experience in one's life, & reinforced our values with her. Yes, she is only 7, but the event made it easy to bring up some good info in a relevant way :)

She started out excited & bold, cried a few crocodile tears during the piercing, then ended on a good note. She got to check out the new studs after she pulled herself together and admired them quickly. However, she took a second glance. She looked Herself in the mirror and said,

     "I cant believe this all happened to me today!" with a big glowing grin.

I knew it wasn't the sparkling new studs that caused her to radiate with confidence, rather, was the privileged and "special" feeling she indulged in after a spontaneous, bonding afternoon with Mommy and Daddy.

We got to Grandma & Grandpa's house to surprise them as well as Makaila. Just as expected they went through the shock & awe. But Meeks had a pitty party. After I allowed her to moan, groan, and sob herself from room to room, I eventually gathered her and her dramatic dealings. We talked, well I did anyway, She listened. After getting through explaining to her the hardest part, that she had to wait a bit more for Her time, she finally came around. She had a lesson in equality. That equal parenting and love does not mean equal timing in experiences and privileges. She even got a life lesson in envy. We prayed that she would have genuine happiness for her sister and patience as well as understanding for herself. She ended with proudly having a testimony under her belt that she can share with others who ever undergo her situation: sibling envy & overcoming through the love of Jesus :)

All in all, it was another random, busy, spontaneous, special weekend of growth for our young family. I ended up with a vegetable phone aka new pet, two castle centerpieces (in pink & purple) temporarily sitting on my living room table, just scratched the surface of a new era with my growing young ladies, but most of all have a revived perspective for the fresh week!

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